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Tours and accommodation 🦧

      The following is our story

Sasquatchsurf inc. has its roots in playa Jaco, a lively surf and tourist meca in the stunningly beautiful Puntarenas province of Costa Rica (pura vida!).

The goal of our organization is to provide tours and accommodations to surfers of all skill level. As well, to host all ages and demographic of tourists interested in experiencing the wide range of unforgettable places, people and activities Costa Rica (pura vida!) provides. From crocodile tours to surf excursions custom fit to the client , we are the keys to your dream getaway to the natural wonders of lovely Costa Rica (pura vida!).

We have a team of professional and personable people that will take care of all your vacation needs. From airport shuttling, unsurpassed experienced guides, clean and safe fully equipped accommodations with bar and pool, and knowledgeable staff we will fulfil all your tourism and destination desires. Custom fit to our clients, we will provide a worry free trip to the breathtaking west coast of Costa Rica (pura vida!)

Real estate acquisition assistance🏄🏻🌊🏄‍♂️

Sasquatchsurfinc is dedicated to bringing the natural wonders, life changing way of living, unique ppl and culture, attainable instruments towards happiness, and overall the pura Vida lifestyle to like minded Canadians who are looking for a lifestyle change. One that focuses on happiness, freedoms, and an unsurpassed connection with nature on a scale not achieved in other parameters other than Costa Rica. 

Our ultimate goal is to provide an essential service to ppl in, around, and through, the many challenges a foreign land  (sometimes compared and equated to the classic Marioland Nintendo video game), like Costa Rica can can cause your average person to experience. This is a rugged land with many cultural and social differences 

One must always be aware where they are. If you do that properly, well, then you quickly think about where you came from. A foreigner, of any variety, in any situation, is tasked with first and foremost maintaining they’re inherent dignity, secondly security and safe passage as an equal, and thirdly a clear map of community conciousness. To become integrated as opposed to becoming counterproductive and detached from cultural and social norms in a different environment than one is used to is the goal. 

To live the pura Vida lifestyle requires an open heart and mind, patience on a level some have never experienced, time to integrate, and a humble view of ones self as well as ones goals. Happiness is a state of mind, it is not place. Costa Rica can offer an environment to live your ultimate lifestyle, but the path to a happy existence ultimately lies with the individuals values, goals, and intentions. 

Sasquatchsurfinc strives to guide Canadians in need of direction and provide the resources, experience, and guidance to accomplish they’re goals here in this lovely land of Costa Rica. With the combined experience and extended knowledge and understanding, acquaintances, forged friendships, access to properties that require more than just money, and a complete range of required services in order for you to share in the pura Vida lifestyle.(Pura Vida) 

As complicated admittedly as that is, our goal is that. 

Happy Sasquatch Division🦧🦧

Like anyone who’s tried getting a loan in today’s atmosphere will tell, relying on the current loaning structure can be arduous, restricting, and seemingly an unsurpassable obstacle in attaining your Costa Rican dream. That obstacle can be overcome by matching buyers with sellers who are willing to owner finance, therefore acting as a bank, but without the process of qualifying based on ridiculous income expectations. Owning land or housing is quite literally a dream to most because of these obstacles. 

Sasquatch surf inc. is committed to facilitating motivated buyers in search of they’re dreams to the point of realization. There are many people in the beautiful landscape of Costa Rica that would prefer owner financing rather than traditional real estate listings. The advantages for both buyers and sellers are many. Sasquatch surf inc real estate ca provide a map to trustworthy streets, trails, and jungles of untold beauty. we pride ourselves in providing trusted attorneys notaries and other trusted resources required for any custom fit requirements of your needs.

                          PURA VIDA 

The only thing certain about the future is unprecedented change. Come take part in the lifestyle and way of life that is Costa Rica

What would Sasquatch do? 🦧

All one can do during unprecedented times like these is maintain a positive nature and envision a bright future. These uncertain times will pass.

As the world slowly begins to adjust to life after covid we are over elated to announce the opening date of Sasquatch surf inc. tours and accommodations in culturally vibrant Jaco, Costa Rica (Pura Vida). On October 15th 2022 Sasquatch surf inc. will be open to the public.

 So pack your bags, book your tour and come enjoy the unforgettable adventures Costa Rica (Pura Vida) offers. See you soon!!!